Our patents

1. Transmission of the control force into the insulating glass through the pair of rotational magnets.

This enables blind raising, lowering and tilting without disturbance of the insulating glass tightness.


2. Magnetic transmission corner for systems with only the tilting function.

This enables transmission of control force without disturbance of insulating the glass tightness.


3. Roller in the insulating glass.


4. 3D pleated roller in the insulating glass controlled by the handle or motor.

Any tilt of the window possible.



5. Abrasion- resistant adjustment of the distance frame for insulating glass.

This avoids the contamination of the shading system by dust from distance frame.

Upper picture – without adjustment

Bottom picture – after adjustment with the ScreenLine coating




6. Non fogging paints for slats and other parts of venetian blinds and roller.

These paints protect from release of the volatile substances from the paints inside of the glass and thereby they also protect from the unwanted reactions with the metal coating of the insulating glass.



7. Corner with contacts for transfer of electrical signals through the distance frame – for blinds with internal motor.

This enables to keep the perfect tightness of insulating glass and simple connection of the conductors for feed and control of the internal motor.