New "Warm Edge" TGI spacer bar

From June 2013 ScreenLine® models SL22C and SL22S are manufactured and supplied incorporating the new warm edge spacer bar as standard profile and without any price surcharge. In two colour option - light grey (RAL 7035) and black (RAL 9005).
The warm edge spacer bar, made of stainless steel co-extruded with polypropylene and designed in co-operation with TGI, is able to further enhance the benefits of ScreenLine® systems in terms of energy saving, whilst ensuring a perfect hermetic seal.


The new ScreenLine/TGI warm edge:

  • it reduces the possibility of humidity formation on glass
  • improves the thermal insulation of the profile due to its low thermal conductivity
  • ensures a low Psi value (halving heat transmission through the perimeter compared to a standard aluminium spacer bar)
  • allows a better Thermal transmittance value of the window, irrespective of the material used for the frame

New Radio remote control transmitter SL2392

  • modern design with small dimensions: 128x40x11 mm
  • replaces the old version SL1965
  • includes the same functions as SL1965


Remote control SL2392 has 99 channels, therefore it can control up to 99 individual motorized blinds or groups of motorized blinds.


It contains:

  • a display showing the channel number selected
  • two push-button controls marked with arrows for raise and lower, and programming for the remote function.
  • two push-buttons for channel selection, marked by - and +
  • a Reset push-button for immediate return of the indicated channel to "general" channel 00.