1. The blinds in between the glass cause the moisture condensation of windows

Contrary is the case. As you can see on the picture, the moisture condensation is caused especially by a standard blind. The layer of cold air is forming between the standard blind and the window in winter (1). This causes the water steam condensation. These steams cumulate at the bottom part of the window (2). This condensation must be swabed by the user.

The blinds in between the glass eliminates this effect totally, they don´t avoid the window to be flowed by the warm air.




2. The blind in between the glass destroys the thermal features of the windows – U- factor

Effect of the integrated blind on the U- factor of the window is different. Depends on if it´s placed in the double or triple glazed unit.

In triple-glazed unit it has practically no effect on the U- factor, in any position.

In double-glazed unit the situation is following:

a)      raised blind: no effect on the U- factor

b)      lowered closed blind: the U- factor is improving

c)      lowered opened blind: the U- factor changes for the worse for about 0,5 W/m2K (The slats have to be moved totally horizontally; already after light tilting the U-factor is improving again).

Effect of the roller and pleated is only positive. These products create next chamber of the glass. For example with rollo you can reach U-factor of double glazed unit 0,8W/m2K.


Almost nobody is able to realise what meaning does the U-factor has for a practical life. Advertising hysteria made a „golden grail“ out of that but only a little is known about the way how the U-factor influences our pocket. And without mentioning the g-factor, the U-factor alone has no predicative value about the energetics of glass. Producers of the glass advertise only the winter insulating properties but windows are used also in the spring, summer and in the autumn. 


3. Aluminium spacer bar causes the condensation on the window borders.

Our hard extruded aluminium spacer bar combined with the „warm“ stainless spacer bar in the triple glass creates an optimal combination of hardness and thermal properties which meet all the requirements of modern windows.


4.Integrated blinds are expensive 

The lifetime of our blinds exceeds the lifetime of the window. Our blinds are service-free and they can´t be destroyed or damaged. Their production is extremely exacting and has to meet very strict requierements.

In contrast to standard blinds, besides the light they regulate also the thermal radiation coming through the glass (to 12%). This brings great savings of air conditioning and thermal comfort, what you can never reach with the standard blinds. The savings of the air conditioning on the south sides of the buildings are about 8 EUR/m2  per year.  

The economic return of investment into our products is very fast.

It´s on every user´s examination which values does he expect from own windows.