SL22F Touch venetian    NEW

blind with internal, battery operated brushless motor. A system with no need for complicated cable installations. The blind is controlled by means of touch keys incorporated within a battery module (SL2380). The battery module also contains a rechargeable cells (3x 1.2V) and can hold a radio receiver for remote control option (SL2380R). The system can be suplemented by photovoltaic panel SL1084, which can independently charge the batteries.




Control: internal brushless motor placed inside the headrail. The double wire output through the 

         patented tight corner, on the right or left side of the window. Control via battery touch

         module located on the window frame or on the interior glass. Alternative remote control. 


Spacerbar: 20mm or 22mm (SL20F Touch resp. SL22F Touch). SL22F Touch venetian blinds

         are supplied with ScreenLine/TGI "warm edge" spacer bar. More here.

Usage: universal usage within the frame of maximum dimensions, familly houses, offices,

         hospitals, schools. Fluent regulation of the light and thermal radiation´s transit through

         the insulating glass (g- factor can be changed in the range of 10-100%)                   

Function: tilting, raising and lowering

Maximum dimensions:

width: 2000mm

height: 2600mm

max. area: to 4m(fully functional) 

                 from 4,01m2 to 5m2 (tilt function)

The maximum width can be doubled by installing two blinds into one glass.

Detailed documentation for download:

 SL20-22F Touch catalogue (pdf) 

Feasibility chart (pdf)

Connection scheme (jpg)


Colours of the slats, profiles and fabrics:

The slats, profiles and fabrics are standardly produced in the same colour. Different

combinations are possible by request. Patented non fogging paints for the protection

of metal coating of insulating glass.


Colours of battery module:

S102 - white

S155 - grey (standard)

S159 - anthracite grey


Other available components

         SL2405 Battery charger                       SL2392  Radio remote control
SL1084  Solar panel
Components together with user´s manuals are kept in practical boxes.