SL24P venetian


Control: rotary knob placed on the window frame. Patented magnetic corner ensures perfect

          hermetic seal of glass. Connection of knob with the magnetic corner through the

          elastic cable. The knob can be placed on the right or left side. More robust version of the

          model SL20P

Spacer bar: 24mm 

Usage: especially for the inner bars with the insulating glass into the hospitals, offices etc. 

Function: only tilting

Maximum dimensions:

width: 3000mm

height 3000mm

max. area: 3,0m2

Detailed documentation for download:

Technical sheet (pdf)


Colours of the slats, profiles and fabrics:

The slats, profiles and fabrics are standardly produced in the same colour. Different

combinations are possible by request. Patented non fogging paints for the protection

of metal coating of insulating glass.



Colours of the control knobs:

S102 - white

S157 - grey