SL27C venetian


Control: pair of patented rotational magnets, one inside of the glass, oneoutside of the glass

          in the external magnetic device. External devices can be hand (picture above) or motorised

          (see the detailed technical sheet (below for download). Control device is removable, cord

          tensioner is detachable. Control device can be placed on the right or left side of the


Spacer bars: 27 mm or 32 mm (SL27C, SL32C)

Usage: universal usage within the frame of maximum dimensions, familly houses, offices,

           hospitals, schools. Fluent regulation of the light and thermal radiation transit through

           the insulating glass (g- factor can be changed in the range of 10-100%).     

Function: tilting, raising and lowering

Maximum dimensions:

           Width: 3000 mm

           Heigth: 3000 mm

Max. area for raising and lowering is given by the thickness of glass which is between the internal and external magnet:

           Glass               area

           till 6 mm          4,5 m2

           7 mm                3,6 m2  

           8 mm                2,8 m2

           9 mm                2,0 m2

Over these areas only the tilting function is guaranteed.

The maximum width can be double by installing two blinds into one glass.

Detailed documentation for download:

         Technical sheet including the instructions for glazing (pdf)

           Instructions for the control device installation (pdf)


Colours of the slats, profiles and fabrics:

           The slats, profiles and fabrics are standardly produced in the same colour. Different

           combinations are possible by request. Patented non fogging paints for the protection

           of metal coating of insulating glass.




Colours of the external control device:

        S102 - white 

S157 - grey

S149 – cream

Colours of the external motor:

S102 - white