SL27M venetian


Control: internal motor placed inside the headrail.         

          The double wire output through the patented tight corner, on the right or left side of the

          window. For the examples of motor connection, see the picture. Other options available on

          request according to the requirements of the architecture (group control with the posibility

          of single blinds control, following the sun, control of the solar profits and others).

Spacer bar: 27mm 

Usage: universal usage within the frame of maximum dimensions, familly houses, offices,

          hospitals, schools. Fluent regulation of the light and thermal radiation´s transit through

          the insulating glass (g- factor can be changed in the range of 10-100%)          

Function: tilting, raising and lowering.

Maximum dimensions:

width 3000mm

height: 3000mm

max. area: 5,25m2

The maximum width can be double by installing two blinds into one glass.

Detailed documentation for download:

Technical sheet (pdf)


Colours of the slats, profiles and fabrics:

The slats, profiles and fabrics are standardly produced in the same colour.Different combinations are possible by request. Patented non fogging paints for the protection of metal coating of insulating glass.